The Crab & Surfboard: Arising from the surf to bring you beer, cocktails and other drinking goodness.

Sep 27, 2020

Some years ago, a teacher and a builder decide to buy and convert a horsebox into a beautiful mobile bar.

They enjoyed taking the bar out so much, a year later they purchased a stunning rare horsebox to convert into a toastie bar.

Even later in time, a University lecturer, after working for them for a weekend, decided 'I've got to get me some of that!' and entered into a franchise agreement with The Mobile Landlords and The Crab & Surfboard was born.

Well - the idea was born; the process of converting an ordinary or garden horse trailer into a fully functioning surf-shack style bar is somewhat convoluted and basically involves an awful lot of hard work. The build process is going to be be recorded on this site so why not follow us for updates and get ready for our inaugural  party early in 2021?

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