A Crab on Holiday - The Work Begins!

build Jan 12, 2021

Well, time has not been on my side the last few months with loads of contracts taking up every spare moment, and a nasty cold winter as well. So I've made a decision to sub-contract some of the work.

So, after passing my trailer test a month ago I towed the Crab for the first time today with the wife's Qashqai - which has proven that I need a decent sized towing vehicle! Although actually after pumping up the flat tyre it towed well enough and the Nissan just about had the puff to get us up the steep hills outside Banbury.

The trailer is now on Holiday at a nice chap called Kevin's house for a significant cleaning out - no more horsey smell for us! The next two jobs are the door repair (hoping to find a welder!) and our new sub-contractor Ashley will be fitting the wooden sub-floor. Then hatches... then ... well, everything else! Of course, lock down is a problem as I need lots of parts that I can't go out and get. But hopefully this lot will keep us going until lockdown when we are hoping this phase will end!


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