Do you like our tunes?

We love a bit of music at The Crab & Surfboard - whether we've had a hard day on the waves and are chilling on the beach with a cold one, haveing a lazy evenings with a couple of pina colada's, or having a dance and sipping our amazing flavoured gin and tonics, there's a tune for everything! Check out the links below to hit up our Spotify playlists:

The Crab & Surfboard is our every-day playlist. It's got chilled out easy rock, ska, punk and party music ideal for down the beach.

The Mobile Landlords as a whole love a bit of Bossanova - this playlist is hugely popular and just great with cocktails and dancing.

We think the music at an event makes all the difference. We have a great sound system and will happily work with you to produce the perfect music for your playlist. You can give us a theme or a decade and we'll build something up for you, or if you want to save money on a DJ just give us a playlist and we can hit play and pause whenever you want and even let you loose on our microphone!

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